Location: Banhigan Badian Cebu Philippines 6031
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Shuttle Daddy’s primary aim at inception was to make the booking and use of transfers as easy as possible. As a result, we’ve spent, and continue to spend, and enormous amount of our budget on development of improved booking methods and reservation management systems.  While these are extremely complex within our business environment (with so many moving parts having to be integrated), their ultimate goal is to make the booking process simple and overall experience as stress free for you as possible.

Our online booking system now allow bookings to be completed and confirmed in under 60 seconds. That is as good as you will find anywhere else in the world and we believe we set the benchmark in Cebu Philippines.
As a result of this strategy Shuttle Daddy now processes 90% of its bookings via the web or automatically through various third party booking providers making this an online service you can trust.